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Prakriti Ecoplay Presents

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About us

Nature to nurture child's creativity

Our Belief

Human communities depend upon a diversity of talent and not a singular concepts of ability. We believe that every child is gifted in some way and it is the duty of parent and educators to bring it out by exposing them to diverse range of activities.

Our Aim

Is to enhance the sense of creativity in education to broaden economic, social, cultural and personal perspectives of the child. We at prakriti ecoplay believe that nature is the best teacher. We strongly believe in community parenting. You want to see your child playing with nature, you are always welcome. Whether you want to play a bigger role in your child’s Enrichment Center, or you want to keep your child safe and creative while you are at work, prakriti ecoplay child enrichment centre is for you. Our unique features let you explore parenting and child development in a fresh perspective.


We have picked up the best things from Montessori, reggio Emilia approach, and our focus will be to provide an enriching environment for child led development. The environment is designed to inculcate curiosity and a sense of innovation in the child. The child will not be stopped from any kind of safe experimentation. The child will be encouraged to learn by self and seek help.

Traditional toys and games

We are trying our best to introduce traditional toys and games without compromising on the learning. It will be a right mix of tradition and contemporary learning through many specially designed activities. There will be a mix of toys and games from many parts of the country.

Eco friendly place

It is a chemical free zone with minimum use of plastic. No chemical play dough, no chemical colors. We use home made edible colors , play dough and other play materials. We use the rich natural ingredients for all play activities. The toys in place are also eco friendly made of metal or wood or just hay.

Organic food

We provide organic healthy snacks to children when they are at the centre. We believe in child’s innate capabilities and we encourage community dining, self eating and sharing. We encourage the child to ask for food and water and other needs. They learn dining, self eating, and asking for more in this environment.

Our Activities

To make learning easy and enjoyable

  • Child led eco Physical

The trees around the place act as a natural playground. With minimum intervention of specially designed tools for physical activity according to the age. A short session on concentration and yoga is a part of this activity. Slides and swings will be a part of this activity. Jumping and dancing is allowed anywhere. We won’t stop any child yet not compromise with safety.

Activities specially designed for the diversities

  • Feel the growth of the plant: each child will be given a plant on admission, which they tend to during their stay, they measure the growth every week to witness the plant grow.
  • Playing with all kinds of textures, natural, like grass, leafs, the sand, grains , pulses. This develops there sensory systems.
  • A library room for reading and story time. The child can indulge in diving into the pictures or start picking up 2 or 3 or 4 letter words, they can spend the whole day if they wish to.
  • Building with whatever is on the table, it can be blocks, mud, homemade clay, straw, cloth , literally whatever.
  • Painting with vegetable colours. And on what,? a diverse range from paper to pots to cloth
  • Homemade clay with food colours, play as much as you wants.
  • Story time which will include stories from Aesop fables to panchatantra or jatakas tailor made for each age group.
  • Sanskrit shlokas and meanings for children interested.

What Our Parents Say

Education is the key to unlock golden future

About Nursery / Parent

The Child Enrichment Center law subscribes that preschool care and education is an integral part of the education system, based on the principles of democracy, pluralism, autonomy, professionalism and responsibility of preschool teachers

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The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.


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